is a weekly podcast with technical tips and career advice for people working with cloud-native technologies. This show is for developers, IT pros, or anyone making a career move into the cloud. Episodes will be short and to the point and will regularly feature experts who share their experiences.

This show is hosted by Mike Pfeiffer, a twenty-year tech industry veteran, entrepreneur, Pluralsight author, and Microsoft Azure MVP. If you enjoy the show and want more tips delivered to your mailbox every week, subscribe to CloudSkills Weekly at

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    077: Fireside Chat with Kelsey Hightower

    In this episode I sit down with Kelsey Hightower, Dan Wahlin, and Anthony Nocentino for a fireside chat at the Kubernetes Day One event. Tons of awesome takeaways for anyone interested in Kubernetes.

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    076: Breaking into Tech with Adrienne Tacke

    In this episode I catch up with Adrienne Tacke, Senior Developer Advocate at MongoDB, about breaking into the tech industry, teaching others what you are learning, and helping others dive into the Azure cloud.

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    074: High Performance Team Structure

    In this episode I catch up with Manuel Pais, DevOps and Delivery Coach, Consultant, and co-author of the book Team Topologies.

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    073: Kubernetes on GCP in the Real-World

    In this episode I catch up with Miles Matthias who is a Solutions Architect at Stripe and founder of Miles and his team have designed and implemented Kubernetes for some of the largest customers running on Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

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    070: Securing DevOps in the Cloud

    In this episode I catch up with Julien Vehent who leads the Firefox Operations Security team at Mozilla. Julien is a security architect, DevOps advocate, and is responsible for the security of Firefox’s high-traffic cloud services and public websites.

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    068: How to Build Your Personal Brand

    In this episode I catch up with tech industry legends and fellow published authors Dan Wahlin and Tim Warner about how to build your personal brand.

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